AGRIS Minutes 2012/03/20

Outcome: Though there are many other ongoing activities that were discussed, the priority items for the following 2 weeks were:

1. DFID ingestion by the end of March, regardless of whether we have improved data.

A. Fabrizio will start 26th.
2. OR2012 one page proposal
A. Yves will write down proposal by 23rd for team review and then he will rewrite.
B. Is due by the 31st.
3. AgInfra - need to provide Guntram with information on AGRIS and OpenAGRIS by the end of March.
A. Stefano will organize it - Fabrizio will give him the info on OpenAGRIS.
4. DC2012 Paper
A. Structure is laid out, everyone needs to write their first draft by the end of Monday 26 so Yves can edit Tuesday, we can have a look Wednesday, final draft thursday and out the door it goes.

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