Beyond Access launches new website

Beyond Access — the movement of people and organizations committed to the idea that modern public libraries help drive economic and social development — launched its new mobile-friendly website at in English and Spanish.

"Development demands access to information and technology, support to use it, and physical spaces to connect with others. At a time of tight budgets, investing in existing trusted local institutions is efficient and smart. More than 230,000 public libraries — 73% of the world’s total — are located in developing and transitioning countries." (About Beyond Access)

The new website reflects the idea behind the movement in a very clear way. With the help of essential graphics and easy to read text - What we do & Get involved - the user immediately grasps the idea, the services, resources and possibilities.

Want to learn more about women's empowerment initiatives in community organizations around the globe? Find out about the latest Beyond Access events? Or explore how Beyond Access can help you incorporate libraries into your development programs? Visit the new Beyond Access website.

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