Getty Vocabularies and Linked Open Data

Getty Vocabualries are are structured vocabularies that comply with national and international standards for thesaurus construction. Getty Vocabularies includes the Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT), the Cultural Objects Name Authority (CONA), Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names (TGN) and Union List of Artist Names (ULAN). There is a plan to publish these vocabularies as Linked Open Data (LOD)and already the Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT) was this February published a linked open data. The Cultural Objects Name Authority (CONA) is the first vocabulary to actually be linked to the other three vocabularies.

The plan is to release the other vocabularies as LOD on the following dates: TGN in July 2014, ULAN in January 2015, and CONA in July 2015. However, the plan is to continue providing the data in relational tables and XML releases.

Explore the Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT)

As of February 2014, the AAT was published to the LOD cloud under the ODC_BY 1.0 license. Explore the AAT data at this SPARQL endpoint: and read the AAT Semantic Representation document.

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