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The Click4it wiki is an extensive knowledge base repository of learning and training industry’s terms, methodologies and tools.



The original objective of this wiki was to enhance clarity of information on major aspects related to the training and capacity development activities developed by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). It is now a rich and qualified reference web site for anyone working in the field of learning and training.

How is the wiki organized?

The Overall Repository displays all entries in alphabetical order on the wiki.
The following three sub-sections cluster terms, methods and tools for quick reference:

Screenshot: "E-learning" sub-section of the wiki

Toolkits: practical instructions for trainers

The Toolkits section presents a collection of methodologies and techniques, containing practical instructions for trainers. It also includes job aids, general guidelines, step-by-step instructions, checklists, practical tips, and templates (pdf) which can be downloaded.

Registered users can contribute content

Click4it is based on a web 2.0 platform to facilitate a two-way communication flow, at once supplying knowledge services and providing an open and dynamic channel for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Contact Click4it.

Registered users can contribute content and share their experiences after consulting resources or using toolkits. Contributors with editing rights can add content, make submissions and provide suggestions for new terms.

Registered contributors can also make use of discussion pages to provide comments or feedback on specific topics.


UNITAR is an autonomous body within the United Nations system. Its mission is to deliver innovative adult training and conduct research on knowledge systems to develop the capacity of beneficiaries.


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