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    Common queries about AGRIS

    AGRIS frequently receives a lot of questions and queries from registered users and also from curious AGRIS website visitors.AGRIS has broadly two classes of questions – (i) questions related...

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    AGRIS has a new interface

    If you are an active AGRIS user/subscriber you will have noticed as of  May 2016 that AGRIS has a new interface. Since AGRIS intends to put the world's collection of agricultural research...

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    New ODI Resource: e-learning modules on Open Data

    The Open Data Institute in partnership with the EU have created free, publicly available e-learning modules on Open Data in English and French. The programme has been designed to enable users to...

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    Drupal 8.0.0 to be released soon

    Drupal announced at the beginning of the month that they will be releasing Drupal version 8.0.0 premised for November 19, 2015. Nevertheless, Drupal is continuing to publish Drupal 8 release...