AGROVOC-AgroXML Workshop-Outcome

The AGROVOC-AgroXML Workshop was held 1-2 March 2010 in Rome. The objective of the workshop was to find a methodology for the conversion from XML to RDF and for the mappings between AgroRDF and AGROVOC . 

In the handout session some experiments were carried out, using a small dataset with an automatic matching tool.

The following decisions  were taken:

 1. To convert full AgroXML into AgroRDF (KTBL).

 2. Matching methodology will be string matching ( provided by FAO). 

 2. Mapping between full AGROVOC and AgroXML files, using automatic tools.

 3. Evaluation of the results to be carried out by a human expert (FAO expert and Partner expert).

Date of next workshop to be decided, depending on the results.

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