Another step for FAO towards Semantic Web (requires installation of Firefox add-ons)

The articles published on the Food, Nutrition and Agriculture (FNA) Web now make use of Semantic Web techniques such as RDFa ( The selected articles connect the user with information retrieved from other well known Web sites such as Amazon,, Flickr and YouTube, in order to obtain links to books, pictures and videos of other resources relevant to the articles themselves. In addition to this, if more information about the authors is available, the revised Web site allows to automatically view their pictures and add them as contacts in Outlook or Yahoo contact lists. By using RDFa or other microformats, the articles of the FNA Web site have become more "interactive" with the Web, and their content can be employed to help the user find materials related to them. This new technique of interaction with the Web pages is accessible by specific tools or browsers plug-ins, such as the Firefox add-ons like Fozzbot.

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