GODAN Paper : Improving agriculture and nutrition with open data

The Global Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition initiative (GODA)  and the Open Data Institute has launched an open data discussion paper at the 3rd International Open Data Conference. This research shows how open data is helping solve a wide range of problems in agriculture and nutrition.

A brief preamble announcing the report at ODI stated:

How can we improve agriculture, food and nutrition with open data?

The global food system is struggling under the combined pressures of a growing population, climate uncertainty and volatile market forces.

Open data is a powerful tool being used to solve problems around the world in agriculture and nutrition: from drought, pests and diseases, to food security and food safety. In this discussion paper, we highlight examples of how open data in different contexts can enable more effective decision making, create innovation and promote transparency that transforms the way organisations work for the better. By helping others to do the same it will alleviate today’s pressures on a strained food ecosystem and build necessary mechanisms to support a food-secure future.


The Global Open Data in Agriculture and Nutrition initiative – is a network which focuses on building high-level policy, and public and private institutional support for open data in agriculture and nutrition. To find out more about joining the fast-growing GODAN network contact [email protected] or fill in the online registration at www.godan.info.