Linked life data

Linked Life Data (LLD) is a data-as-a-service platform that provides access to 25 public biomedical databases through a single access point. The service allows writing of complex data analytical queries, answering complex bioinformatics questions such as 'give me all human genes located in Y-chromosome with the known molecular interactions'; simply navigate through the information, or export subsets like 'all approved drugs and their brand names'. The service offers two different access levels:

  • LLD Public - completely free anonymous access for developing proof-of-concept applications with no hosting and data setup costs. LLD Enterprise - premium service access for matured applications, which guarantees extra features.


  • partially funded by Linked Life Data and the EU IST projects, KHRESMOI (FP7-257528) and LarKC (FP7-215535)

Tools that support its use

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