Property Value
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Property Value
dcterms:created 2012-02-03T17:09:28Z
dcterms:modified 2024-01-15T13:25:39 Geographical below country level 086
skos:editorialNote Краткое наименование, полное наименование: Британская территория в Индийском океане (FAO NOCS, 2022)
Short name and full name: British Indian Ocean Territory (FAO NOCS, 2022)
Nombre común y nombre completo: Territorio Británico del Océano Índico (FAO NOCS, 2022)
Nom abrégé et nom complet: Territoire britannique de l'océan Indien (FAO NOCS, 2022)
skos:historyNote Concept was moved from territories to East Africa January 2024, to be aligned with UNM49.
skos:scopeNote Formed 1965, from Chagos Archipelago (formerly part of Mauritius) and Aldabra, Desroches and Farquhar Islands. The latter three islands were ceded to Seychelles when it attained independence in 1976. The Chagos Archipelago, which continued to be administered by Mauritius until 1976, thus remains the sole territory comprising the British Indian Ocean Territory. For texts dealing with jurisdiction, use CHAGOS ARCHIPELAGO. (UNBIS, 2021)