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dcterms:created 2011-11-20T20:37:59Z
dcterms:modified 2022-10-27T14:22:42Z GMB Geographical country level 270
skos:editorialNote Nombre común: Gambia,, nombre completo: la República de Gambia (FAONOCS, 2022)
Nom abrégé: Gambie, nom complet: la République de Gambie (FAONOCS, 2022)
Short name: Gambia, full name: the Republic of the Gambia (FAONOCS, 2022)
Краткое наименование: Гамбия, полное название: Республика Гамбия (FAONOCS 2022)
skos:historyNote The long name of the former Islamic Republic of the Gambia has changed back to the Republic of the Gambia since 17th February 2017. The short name does not change. (FAOTERM)