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dcterms:created 2011-11-20T20:34:39Z
dcterms:modified 2023-03-10T16:48:36 NLD Geographical country level 528
skos:editorialNote Краткое наименование для списков и таблиц: Нидерланды (Королевство), полное название: Королевство Нидерландов (FAONOCS, 2023)
Short name for lists and tables: Netherlands (Kingdom of the), full name the Kingdom of the Netherlands (FAONOCS, 2023)
Nom abrégé pour les listes et les tableaux: Pays-Bas (Royaume des), nom complet: le Royaume des Pays-Bas (FAONOCS, 2023)
Nombre común para listas y cuadros: Países Bajos (Reino de los), nombre completo: el Reino de los Países Bajo (FAONOCS, 2023)
skos:historyNote Following communication from the Permanent Mission of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the United Nations, the short name of the country –also in lists and tables- has changed to “Netherlands (Kingdom of the)". Effective date: 6 March 2023.