OpenAgris 0.1 beta released

OpenAgris is a new beta application based on RDF, a language for expressing data models using statements expressed as triples (semantic data). We converted to RDF a small part of the AGRIS repository (records submitted from 2008 to 2011) and AGRIS journals in order to be able to link to other existing datasets and increase the amount of information about a record and a topic. In particular, openagris does not display bibliographic records but, starting from a record, it retrieves information from some datasets: DBPedia, Agrovoc, AGRIS journals. At the moment the application is released as beta version, since we want to interlink to other datasets to expand the AGRIS knowledge. To see openagris in action, you can click on the related button in the display record page (only for records submitted from 2008 to 2011). As an example, you can analyze the record:

that links to the page:

As you can see, in the left frame there is the information retrieved from DBPedia, in the right frame there is the information taken from the AGRIS journals dataset and from Google, in the middle there is the record and the Agrovoc keywords.