AGRIS: providing access to agricultural research data exploiting open data on the web

The heading of this blog is the title of a recent paper from AGRIS team published under the F1000Research. The paper reviews the latest development of the AGRIS database and focuses also on the needs of the community. AGRIS is a global public good and its vision is to be a responsive service to its user needs by facilitating contributions and feedback regarding the AGRIS core knowledgebase, AGRIS’s future and its continuous development. Periodically, AGRIS holds e-consultations, partner meetings and collects user feedback which is assimilated to the development of the AGRIS application and content coverage. Interesting developments highlighted include:-

  • the inclusion of all the available bibliographic metadata in the AGRIS mashup page
  • multilingual search facility
  • inclusion of the Chinese research content to the AGRIS database
  • recent developments on AGRIS Community needs

Read the full paper here