Agrontology is the Web Ontology Language (OWL) vocabulary providing a set of domain properties to the AGROVOC thesaurus

The URI of the Agrontology ontology is: and its namespace is

Vocabulary Evolution

Here we report a list of changes we may bring to future versions of the Agrontology: 


Currently, all notations are reported as datatype Stringed values, but the plan is to move all these properties to the standard skos:notation, and then create custom datatypes for their values.

At the moment, only the property termCode has been changed to a regular skos:notation with a dedicated custom <> datatype. However, this notation is managed internally by Vocbench (through an option explicitly customized for AGROVOC, which is automatically disabled if the namespace of the edited concept scheme is not the one of AGROVOC).

For all the other notations, we have defined custom datatypes (reported in version agrontology_2013-07-27) and made them subproperties of skos:notation, but then we reverted them back to the original properties, as Vocbench is not able to handle custom datatypes. OWLART in fact reports the range of those properties as resource, being those elements recognized as resources (and guessed as classes for the instances in the range). We have to improve the guessRangeType in the OWLART code, to better look for the nature of range elements and take data ranges into account.