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    Batch importing functionality in AgriOcean Dspace

    The AgriOcean Dspace (AOD) version 1.1 came with a new function to import records in AGRIS AP, MODS, Endnote and Web of Science RIS files. It is now possible in the submission process to batch...

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    Knowledge Sharing : The CGIAR OA case studies

    In a recent publication entitled  Agricultural Research[1] , OA initiatives case studies at the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) are  presented. CGIAR...

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    Focus on the ''OA Repository at ICRISAT''

    When one logs on to the homepage of OA@ICRISAT, one might not readily realize its a repository homepage, the design is very impressive and warmly welcoming. OA@ICRISAT is built on E-Prints 3...

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    Information Technology Issues in developing countries

    Efforts by developing countries to come up with local Information Technology (IT) solutions to counteract the challenges they face are well documented in the newsletter entitled, “Information...