GFAR events embedded into the FAO Country Profiles

The FAO Country Profiles information system is an information retrieval tool which groups FAO and partner organizations' archives of information in agriculture and development in a single area and groups it and presents it by country.

The FAO Country Profiles is now embedding events from the events archive of the Global Forum on Agricultural Research. Events from the GFAR archive, filtered by country, are displayed in the natural resources section of each country page. For an example, see the Brazil natural resources page.

This automatic exchange between the EGFAR website and the Country Profile system has been made possible by the use of a suitable metadata set in the management of events in the GFAR archive, which includes information about the country expressed in a standard format (ISO ...). Country information is therefore available in the GFAR RSS feed of events, which is extended with elements from the AgEvent Application Profile developed by FAO, GFAR, CGIAR, GFIS and IAALD and is used in the AgriFeeds service.