New in E-LIS: Opening access to agricultural information in Ghana, Kenya and Zambia

New in E-LIS, the paper:

"Opening access to agricultural information in Ghana, Kenya and Zambia" by Justin Chisenga of the Regional Office for Africa (RAF) for FAO of the UN, presented at the XXth Standing Conference of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa Library and Information Associations (SCECSAL), Nairobi (Kenya), 4-8 June, 2012.

Open up access to local agricultural information resources in Kenya, Ghana and Zambia

The paper highlights three FAO initiatives of implementing the AGRIS strategy and the CIARD vision (under which AGRIS falls) in:

  • Kenya (Kenya Agricultural Information Network - KAINet),
  • Ghana (Ghana AGRIS Pilot Project - GAPP), and
  • Zambia (Zambia Agricultural Research for Development Information Network - ZAR4DIN)

Discussed are also the major challenges faced and the key lessons learned.

The goal of these initiatives is to open up access to local agricultural information resources, resources that are generally less easily visible and accessible. Establishing institutional repositories containing metadata records and the associated full-text documents is: "one pathway of ensuring that the content generated locally is easily accessible within the country, region and around the globe."

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