Unit 1 Open Data Principles

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Learning objectives

This unit provides definition of open data, its principles  and general overview on its benefits and impact particularly in agriculture and nutrition as well as ethical considerations in opening and reusing the data.

At the end of this unit, you will be able to

  • understand the definition of open data and its principles
  • recognise the value of open data in agriculture and nutrition
  • understand benefits of using and publishing open data
  • define ethical challenges with re-using open data 
  • identify ethics questions in open data lifecycle 

unit2Lesson 1.1 What is open data?

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The lesson aims to introduce open data and its principles, identify benefits and challenges of open data for the agricultural sector, provide an overview about key actors involved in the open data publishing, and present use cases in agriculture related to the benefits of open data. After studying this lesson, you should be able to acquire knowledge about definition of open data and its principles, recognise the value of open data in agriculture, define challenges of moving to an open data landscape, and understand the benefits of publishing and using open data. 

unit2Lesson 1.2 Ethics in open data lifecycle

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The lesson aims to list the stages of the open data lifecycle, provide an overview on principles of responsible data, define responsible data concepts, provide an overview in responsible data challenges in agriculture, and list ethics questions to ask at stages of the open data lifecycle. After studying this lesson, you should be able to understand stages of the open data lifecycle, define challenges with use of data, understand responsible data principles and relevant challenges in agriculture, and identify ethical questions to ask in every stage of the open data lifecycle. 

Webinar. What is GODAN? Network, Action & Secretariat

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Webinar recording: Online on YouTube

About the webinar: An Introduction to the Global Open Data for Agriculture (GODAN) initiative, it’s principles and what it does to advocate and develop capacity in the sector. The session will visit some definitions of open data. Through examining the work of the network’s facilitation mechanism (the Secretariat), and its research and capacity building and research unit (GODAN Action) we will outline some of the experiences and challenges GODAN has had in communicating the value of open data in the sector.

Presenter: Martin Parr, Program Manager at GODAN

Martin Parr has over fifteen years’ experience of working on web-based products, mobile internet and research communication services. He now manages a number of CABI’s Knowledge projects for International Development and is Head of Open Data at CABI and Operations Manager for the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition Initiative (GODAN) Secretariat. He specialises in programme management, business development, key account management, research communication and knowledge management, monitoring and evaluation, mobile services, and open data policy and practice.

unit2 Audiovisual Learning Materials

Open Climate by GODAN - Documentary web series 4
Direct link: https://youtu.be/y9SwIpHT5A4

Useful links and further readings

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