Linked Data is a method of web publication in which each individual piece of data is:

  • uniquely identified using HTTP URIs (that is, URLs, or 'web addresses'),
  • available both as 'machine readable' data and as 'human readable pages, and
  • linked to other resources.

AGROVOC is now available as a linked data (LD) set published, aligned (linked) with several vocabularies. The Linked Data version of AGROVOC is in RDF/SKOS-XL, and is stored in Allegrograph triple store. Data is accessible to machines through a SPARQL endpoint, and to humans by means of a HTML pages generated with Loddy

Table 1 below provides some figures about the vocabularies to which AGROVOC is aligned:

  Resource Topics Total # of Linked concepts Languages Linked Resource available as LOD? Type of link (and # of linked concepts)
1 ASFA  Fisheries 1784   Yes skos:closeMatch (38), skosLexactMatch (1741)
2 Biotechnology Glossary (FAO) Biotechnologies 793 EN, ES, FR, +3 more Yes skos:closeMatch (793)
3 Chinese Agriculture Thesaurus (CAT) Agriculture     Yes

skos:narrowMatch (137)

skos:broadMatch (10153)

skos:exactMatch (10325)

4 DBpedia General 11009 EN, ES, FR + 8 more Yes skos:closeMatch (11009)
5 Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) General 401 EN, ES, FR + 8 more Yes

skos:closeMatch (2)

skos:exactMatch (399)

6 EUROVOC General EU 1 269 EN, ES, FR + 21 more Yes skos:exactMatch (1269)
7 GEMET Environment 1 175 EN, ES, FR + 30 more Yes skos:exactMatch (1175)
8 GeoNames Geographical entities 206 EN, ES, FR + 63 more Yes skos:exactMatch (206)
9 Geopolical Ontology Geopolitical entities 253 AR, CH, EN, ES, FR, RU Yes skos:exactMatch (253)
10 Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) General 1 075 EN Yes skos:exactMatch (1075)
11 NAL Thesaurus Agriculture 13570 EN, ES Yes

skos:exactMatch (13570)

skos:closeMatch (2)

12 RAMEAU Répertoire d'autorité-matière encyclopedique et alphabetique unifie  General 670 FR Yes skos:exactMatch (670)
13 STW - Thesaurus for Economics Economy 1125 EN, DE Yes

skos:exactMatch (1122)

skos:closeMatch (3)

14 TheSoz - Thesaurus for the Social Sciences Social sciences 827 EN, DE Yes

skos:exactMatch (821)

skos:closeMatch (6)

15 SWD (Schlagwortnormdatei) General 6 245 DE Yes skos:exactMatch
16 EARTh Environment 1363 EN+ Yes skos:exactMatch (1363)

Table 1. Some figures of vocabularies linked from AGROVOC (last updated on January 2015)

VoID description of the AGROVOC Linked Dataset is also available.  

Top Concepts of AGROVOC

For quick access to human readable Linked Data pages of AGROVOC use this list of top concepts (note that these same HTTP URIs will return RDF if requested in the accept HTTP header):

SPARQL Query Interface

AGROVOC is also accessible using SPARQL (SPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language), an SQL-like query language typically used to extract RDF triples from triple-stores:

SPARQL query examples

Given the URI of a resource, for example discover the English preferred label and all the exact matches:

SELECT ?pl ?em {
        OPTIONAL { <> skos:exactMatch ?em } .
        <> skos:prefLabel ?pl .
        FILTER ( (lang(?pl)="en") )}
Pl                   em
Given the English preferred label, for example Japan, discover the URI and all the exact matches:
SELECT ?uri ?em {
  ?uri skos:prefLabel "Japan"@en .
  OPTIONAL { <> skos:exactMatch ?em } .
uri                                                                    em