The AgriDrupal package is available here. It can be downloaded and installed as any Drupal website. Download the latest version (only the 7.x branch will be supported in the future).

The modules developed in the context of AgriDrupal are available here. (Two of these modules are specific for AgriDrupal, while the Agrovoc Field module can be used in any Drupal website to index any contents with AGROVOC terms).

AgriDrupal "Features"

The AgriDrupal team will continue improving the package and the latest version will always have the newest implementation of all the functionalities. However, downloading the full package every time a new Agridrupal version is released is not a convenient solution for users. An alternative way of implementing AgriDrupal functionalities in a Drupal website is through Drupal Features.

Features are a mechanism to automatically package any of a Drupal site's component in one or more modules and make them available for download. The first set of features deploys the following AgriDrupal core functionalities:

  • document repository management;
  • indexing of any type of content with AGROVOC;
  • OAI-PMH provider interface;
  • repository importing and exporting functionalities;
  • RDF exposed data and sparql endpoint.

Installing these Features automatically creates a few content types, a couple of taxonomies, a few views and optional menus. 

You can download the D7 set of features here (the instructions.txt file must be followed carefully), we tested the features on a vanilla Drupal installation (version 7.31)

and last version of all modules except for feeds modules(feeds,feeds tamper and xmlpathparser) because the last version on feeds has problem with importing taxonomy terms in taxonomy fields.