MDPI Agronomy - special issue Internet of Things Technologies

Over the last few decades, Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have been developed and are currently used in agriculture to improve various farming practices such as field analysis, irrigation, crop growth assessment, pest control, etc. IoT technologies in agriculture enable farmers to obtain a plethora of data relating to crop yield, soil quality functions and several other valuable pieces of information through which they are able to make better, more timely management decisions and improve overall agricultural productivity.

IoT technologies in agriculture will contribute to social, economic, and environmental gains, as well as help out farmers and the agricultural rural community. In general, IoT will take the next leap in leveraging smart agricultural practice, to meet both emerging food demands and climate change challenges.

MDPI Agronomy is calling for submissions to contribute to this Special Issue by submitting comprehensive reviews, research articles or case studies that focus on innovative scientific and management methods, technological tools, and statistical analyses, towards dissemination of the state of the art and for the discussion of future directions in IoT in agriculture. Specifically, in this Special Issue, the Agricultural Research Institute aims to explore the development and advancement of sustainability in Smart Farming.  The submission of studies on applications regarding all cropping systems as well as on animal production are welcome.

Should you be interested to submit an article for this Special Issue, please send the following information to Dr George Adamides ([email protected]) or Dr Damianos Neocleous ([email protected]):