Workshop on Linking and Contextualizing Publications and Datasets: Presentations online

The presentations and slides of the "First Workshop on Linking and Contextualizing Publications and Datasets" (LCPD 2013), which took place last September, are now available online.

The goal of this workshop was to provide researchers and practitioners in the fields of Digital Library, e-Science, and e-Research with a forum where they can constructively explore foundational, organizational and systemic challenges in contexts having publishing, interlinking, preservation, discovery, access, and reuse of publications and datasets as focal points.

LCPD covered the following topics:

Metadata formats

Bibliographic metadata formats, scientific metadata formats, authority file formats, and how these relate with interlinking or contextualizing research outputs.

Access services

Services for exporting metadata in order to reduce interoperability barriers, improve discovery of research outcomes, and facilitate interlinking or contextualizing research outputs.

Data models

Conceptual models expressing the relationships between publications, datasets and other information apt for re-use, contextualization.

Aggregation services

Services for robust and scalable collection, integration, storage and interlinking of heterogeneous objects and metadata from publication, dataset, and contextual content data sources, Linked Data services, Big Data facilities.

Linking and contextualization services

Services for processing interlinked objects and metadata relative to research outcomes with the purpose of enrichment, disambiguation, annotation.

Future publication models and services

Novel concepts of “compound” publications and services supporting such publications, which are “information packages” combining datasets, traditional publications and other contextual entities into one navigable and/or machine re-usable objects. Services include the creation, storage, preservation, visualization and re-use of such publications.