GACS Core: Creation of a Global Agricultural Concept Scheme


The most frequently used concepts from AGROVOC, CABT,
and NALT { three major thesauri in the area of food and agriculture { have been merged into a Global Agricultural Concept Scheme, with 15,000 concepts and over 350,000 terms in 28 languages in its beta re-lease of May 2016. This set of core concepts (\GACS Core") is seen as
the first step towards a more comprehensive Global Agricultural Concept Scheme. In the context of a new Agrisemantics initiative, GACS is intended to serve as hub linking user-oriented thesauri with semantically more precise and specialized domain ontologies linked, in turn, to quantitative datasets. The goal is to improve the discoverability and semantic interoperability of agricultural information and data for the benefit of re-
searchers, policy-makers, and farmers in support of innovative responses to the challenges of food security under conditions of climate change.