AGRIS 2.1 online

AGRIS 2.1 is online! More performant, more stable, more powerful. The new AGRIS website ( totally relies on an Apache Solr index, which avoids the necessity to connect to a triplestore to display AGRIS records metadata. Some major improvements are:

  • AGRIS is now a multilingual system for all its pages! For instance, if the selected language is “French”, and there is a French title/abstract for a given AGRIS resource, the website is able to display the element in the correct language (and not only in English)!
  • In the “classical view” page, users can export top 1000 results (versus top 250 of the previous version). In addition to that, CSV format is available as export format.
  • When there are connectivity problems in a mashup page (due to unavailability of external services), the website guarantees basic functionalities, as the search, the export, and the access to AGRIS core resources.

For deeper understanding: a mashup page (e.g. ) is a webpage where an AGRIS resource is displayed together with relevant knowledge extracted from external data sources (as the World Bank, DBPedia, and Nature). The availability of external data sources is not under AGRIS control. Thus, if an external data source is temporary unreachable, it won’t be displayed in AGRIS mashup pages.