Dgroups: Building Effective Online Communities in Your Organization

Have you ever looked for an easy solution to create networks and communities of practice within your organization?

Would you like a simple, non-commercial tool, respectful of privacy for team discussions?, - In need of a knowledge exchange solution that is compatible with low bandwidth users in the South?

Then, Dgroups can offer you the perfect solution !

Watch this webinar to listen to the successful experiences from FAOCTA, and HIFA, - three organizations that are active users of Dgroups.

Slides of the webinar: SlideShare

Dgroups is  a longstanding successful development initiative that: 

  • Promotes dialogue supported by over 20 organizations; 
  • Currently engages over 290,000 people in all countries and territories of the world; 
  • Offers an easy to use e-mail tool and an online platform for small or large groups that benefit from networks and discussions.

For any further questions regarding Dgroups & Dgroups Partnerships you can contact: [email protected]

For any questions regarding the use of Dgroups in FAO (for FAO staff) you can write at: [email protected]

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