AGRIS News: November 2020

New records in AGRIS

This monthly update includes 22 689 new bibliographic records from the following 14 data providers representing 12 countries:

  • IFAD in Italy
  • Matica Srpska Library in Serbia
  • Fundamental Library of Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies in Latvia
  • University Library, University of the Philippines in the Philippines
  • Universidade Federal do Pará in Brazil
  • C.S.A.L., Publishing center Science and Practice, Kursk Sate Agricultural Academy in Russia
  • E-NAMTILA in Syria
  • Georgian Research Institute for Scientific Technical Information in Georgia
  • State Agrarian University of Moldova Library in Moldova
  • Wageningen UR, Library in the Netherlands
  • ZADRUŽNA ŠTAMPA d.d. in Croatia
  • National Agricultural Library in the Unites States of America

From the data indexed this month, AGRIS includes 4 332 publicly available MSc and PhD students' theses successfully defended at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands. These dissertations from WURL include topics like food, food production, living environment, health, lifestyle and livelihood. They enriched the AGRIS collection with new grey contents, which are not published by mainstream publishers and difficult to track down.

AGRIS invited at the 22nd International virtual conference on Grey Literature 

During the 22nd International virtual conference on Grey Literature GL2020, Applications of Grey Literature for Science and Society, virtually attended by the AGRIS Team on November 19, 2020, Imma Subirats, AGRIS Programme Manager, explained how scholarly communication evolves and acquires enormous benefits when these contents are made publicly available and free for everyone, without restrictions of cost or rights to the reader. The presentation at the GL2020 conference is available here.

AGRIS hubs in Georgian and the Republic of Moldova

Two important events have created a National awareness of AGRIS in its objective of disseminating agricultural data at a national level:

  • An AGRIS online seminar was organized by TECHINFORMI in Georgia, on the 30th of October, 2020. The seminar, designated for university and academic institution scientists, librarians, publishers, agricultural and research professionals, considered the problems associated with the retrieval of scientific works of the agriculture sector of Georgia.
  • A round table took place in Moldova, on the 3rd of November 2020, organized by Republican Scientific Agricultural Library, State Agrarian University of Moldova and entitled How we can work more closely to integrate national agricultural information in the global space?” , whose final objective was to increase the visibility and accessibility of agricultural contents issued in the Republic of Moldova in the information global space.
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