Locating full-text articles in AGRIS

This blog details how to retrieve full text articles using the AGRIS database. It also provides a tip on how users can locate full text if the AGRIS records does not provide access to the URL of the full text.

Many AGRIS users are interested in full text of the articles that AGRIS citations points them to. Granted, AGRIS (International System for Agricultural Science and Technology) is a global public database providing access to bibliographic information on agricultural science and technology.   AGRIS contains over 8 million bibliographic references on agricultural research and technology and links to related data resources on the Web.

AGRIS is prima facie a bibliographic database of abstracts and citations of articles, books,  conference papers, thesis and other content types. The inherent value of AGRIS is that is points users to where they can find resources indexed, however lately a number of AGRIS records come with a URL pointing to the online presence of these records. It is estimated that about 1,300,000 records in AGRIS provides access to the full text.

Retrieving the record's full text 

How does one retrieve the full text of the record? To locate full text of the AGRIS record, one needs to execute their search in the Classical Search window. In the AGRIS home page one will see the Classical Search , below the AGRIS Menu bar.

Once the Classical Search window opens, one can execute their search, in this case l use "Maize" as an example. My search retrieved 100,699 records, However, of these records l want only full text.

I can then filter the full text articles of the results shown. On your left hand side of the search results  you will see a number of parameters to filter your search results.

Once l click - 'Filter records that contain explicit links to the full text' and l click the 'Refine Search' button, the following results are shown

The indicated boxes above show access the full text icon - the yellow button shows that (i) the user will be led to a platform they can access the full text, (ii) the PDF button shows that the user can access the full text directly from AGRIS. In this case, l chose the first search results - see the details in the next window;-

Where no full text icon is available

What about in cases where l retrieve the AGRIS record and need the full text and there is no icon for the full text, what options are there? AGRIS provides the option to contact the source of the record - where in most cases will have access in print or can send the user the electronic copy of the records, The screen shot below shows where in the record the user has to go:-

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