AGROVOC: making research more visible across languages

The webinar titled  “AGROVOC: making research more visible across languages” was held on 5 December and was intended to highlight FAO’s valuable multilingual controlled vocabulary, AGROVOC, and how it can impact multilingual research through AGORA.

Research4Life recently integrated AGROVOC as a “reference source” in the AGORA collection. This webinar provided in-depth information about how to access and use AGROVOC through the AGORA collection and the impact it can make on multilingual research for students, researchers, or professionals looking to take advantage of AGORA's extensive resources.

Participants of this webinar learned in-depth strategies for optimizing the value of AGROVOC through the AGORA collection, including:

  • Introducing AGROVOC, the multilingual thesaurus;
  • Demonstrating the importance of utilizing keywords in research;
  • Indicating how to access and utilize AGROVOC;
  • Explaining the value of multilingual vocabularies in research;
  • And revealing how AGROVOC is useful for Research4Life and AGORA users.