AGRIS Webinar: CSAL As Leading AGRIS Data Provider in the Russian Federation

As part of the 2020 Annual AGRIS Community Online Meetingorganized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Elena Klimova, leading researcher of Russian FederationCentral Scientific Agricultural Library (CSAL), presented a webinar on 2 July 2020. 

The webinar focused on 'CSAL As Leading AGRIS Data Provider in the Russian Federation.' CSAL contributed in AGRIS actively in 1988-1996. In 2007, the official AGRIS-center of the Russian Federation was established here. Total contribution of CSAL is more than 15,700 records, including ~10,300 records since 2007. To the moment, CSAL share in total amount the records originating from Russia is about 55%. We created network of sub providers uniting editorials of some agrarian journals. We developed criteria for journal quality assessment and article selection, as well as recommendations on abstract composing. As the result, the overall quality of materials processed by CSAL for the AGRIS database increased significantly.