2017 LODLAM Technical Challenge is on !

The 2017 LODLAM Challenge highlights data visualisations, tools, mashups, meshups, and all types of use cases for Linked Open Data in libraries, archives, and museums. Challenge entries can be submitted from Wednesday 8th March to Friday 7th April 2017. Please fill out the challenge entry form. Entries will be featured on The Fourth International LODLAM summit website. Good luck!


LODLAM is Linked Open Data in Libraries, Archives, and MuseumsLinked refers to Linked Data, or the concept of connecting data using W3C standards.  Open refers to the use of open licenses, such as the Public Domain Mark, Creative Commons 0, Creative Commons Attribution, and Creative Commons Attribution-Alike. Data can be raw data, metadata, descriptive data, bibliographic data, etc., - LODLAM / About

Entries for the Challenge will be demonstrable use cases that leverage Linked Open Data (LOD) in libraries, archives and museums, and include digital humanities projects.

# view: The LOD cloud diagram (Last updated: 2017-02-20) 


The international organising committee will vote on the Challenge entries and determine the five finalists. Delegates attending the Summit will vote on the five entries (for each prize).

  • Challenge entries can be submitted from Wednesday 8th March to Friday 7th April 2017
  • Five finalists will be selected and announced by Friday 28th April 2017
  • Five finalists will pitch their entries at the Summit on Wednesday 28th June 2017
  • Prize winners will be announced in the afternoon session on Thursday 29th June 2017


TRAVEL PACKAGES: Five finalists will be awarded a travel package comprising:
  • Delegate space: one delegate space (free)
  • Travel grant: USD$1000 (fund transfer)
  • Accommodation: one room onsite at the Cini Foundation (reserved*)

*Finalists taking up the offer of accommodation at the Cini Foundation need to indicate the nights the wish to stay and will pay a room rate €55 per night. 


A winner will be awarded this USD$1,000 prize w​here making cultural heritage material openly available has been a core aspect of a LOD project. Synaptica provides continued support for making data openly available and have provided the sponsorship for the prize.


A winner will be awarded this USD$2,000 prize because they have demonstrated significant impact (a mix of social, cultural, and technical factors). Thanks to the support of all of the Summit sponsors travel packages can be provided for the five finalists to participate in the Challenge at the 2017 LODLAM Summit in Venice.


  • can be private/public partnerships, academic teams, individuals, private companies, non-profits
  • can be prototypes, mockups, design specs, working models
  • can be tools or processes for a broad GLAM community
  • can be innovative ideas that will advance the entire community
  • must have a clearly articulated project goal
  • must utilise open data sets
  • must include a statement about how the technology is distributed, what is the IP and how is it held (does not have to be open)
  • will be judged partially on how well the idea is pitched and visualised
  • must clearly describe the problem being solved
  • must answer the question: if you win, what is your next step?


Entrants will need to supply some basic details, like the project name, description, team members, etc. Please fill out the challenge entry form. Entries will be featured on the Summit website.

Create a video presentation (no longer than 5 min), with a title, and short description (50 word limit). Optional: long description of any length (can include images, photos, mockups, etc).

For inspiration, you can have a look at previous entries (herehere or here) to get an idea of what was submitted at earlier LODLAM challenges (e.g., 2015 LODLAN Challenge).


  • Can I enter more than one project? Yes you can.
  • Can I ask for more guidance? Yes you can.

If you have any more questions, please email Valentine Charles the 2017 LODLAM Technical Challenge Coordinator.


Source: LODLAM Summit 2017


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