AGRIS releases latest version of data provider personalized institutional sub-portals, packed with new innovative features

AGRIS is thrilled to announce the release of the latest version of the personalized institutional sub-portals, packed with new innovative features to improve data providers' experiences utilizing and contributing to the platform. The latest version of the personalized institutional sub-portals includes impressive new capabilities which will further enhance data providers’ abilities to monitor the visibility and accessibility of their records submitted to AGRIS. 

The new innovative features include: 

Enhanced dashboards with new filters available:

The dashboards within the personalized institutional sub-portals display real-time statistics about the most visited AGRIS records per each data provider. This dashboard includes page views and the most accessed/viewed records per institution. The enhanced dashboard now includes new filters, which allow for the ability to retrieve statistics about data contributed to AGRIS year by year, since AGRIS began collecting data analytics in 2013.

Figure 1: Displays an example of the new statistics available 

Interactive world map including data statistics:

Data providers now have the possibility to access an interactive world map within their personalized institutional sub-portals. The new interactive map displays the amount of visits to their own records contributed to AGRIS by individual countries. To utilize the interactive map best, data providers should hover their mouse over a country allowing for a pop-up to appear, displaying the number of visits to their data from that particular country, within the selected time frame. 

Figure 2: Displays an example of the interactive world map

In order for data providers to access their personalized institutional sub-portals, they need to fill out a registration form here. After submitting the form, data providers will have the opportunity to set their  own credentials, for ease in accessing the page. For further information please contact [email protected]

The release of the newest version of the personalized institutional sub-portals comes on the heels of the launch of the updated AGRIS interface.  The enhanced AGRIS interface includes new menu functionalities, a live map displaying information about the AGRIS network of data providers, mobile compatibility and more. Learn more about the new interface here

Even more, AGRIS recently reached a new milestone of more than 12 million total records after the addition of 83,278 new records as part of September data release. See details of the latest AGRIS data release here.  

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