AGROVOC November 2018 release is out. With 35,966 concepts!

AGROVOC team takes this opportunity to inform you about the AGROVOC November 2018 release. Note that starting April 2017, the FAO - AGROVOC multilingual thesaurus has been updated on a monthly basis (see all AGROVOC releases). 

You can search and browse for AGROVOC concepts and terms in SKOSMOS.

As of November 2018, AGROVOC counts:

  • Number of concepts : 35,966  (up from 34,576 one year ago)
  • Number of terms : 678,040  (up from 660,348 one year ago)

covering (in up to 30 languages !) topics related to food, nutrition, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, environment and related sectors. 

Quite a few people use agrovoc-test to see the AGROVOC backend. In case you use VocBench: please note that AGROVOC content editing is now on VocBench3. A new registration for VocBench3 is needed. Web services and SKOSMOS links have not changed.

If you need more information, just contact us at [email protected] 

The AGROVOC Team would like to express its gratitude to all AGROVOC Editors who are constantly contributing to AGROVOC releases, as well as to the ART: Artificial Intelligence Research group that provides technical support for AGROVOC Web services page. You also may want to look at the WSDL file for the AGROVOC Web Services.


The total number of AGRIS records reaches 9,549,442 (October 2018). AGRIS (International Information System for the Agricultural Science and Technology) is a free of charge service that provides access and visibility to research information resources in agricultural and related sectors. 85 % of all AGRIS records are indexed by AGROVOC

Discover AGORA (Access to Global Online Research in Agriculture) with 46 New Subject Categories from AGROVOC

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AgroPortal : Harnessing the Power of Metadata to Visualize the Landscape of Agronomical Ontologies : Basel Register of Thesauri, Ontologies & Classification
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Discover open Land Linked Datasets shared by the Land Portal (the AGROVOC subset)
NISO TR-06-2017: Issues in Vocabulary Management. AGROVOC thesaurus in "Vocabulary Preservation" Section

The slides from the 18th European Networked Knowledge Organization Systems (NKOS) Workshop presentations


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And, thanks again for your interest ! 

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