Announcing 5 free beta testers of our new AKstem service!

The time has come to announce our 5 micro-sites beta testers!

In first place we would like to thank all the AGRIS Centers that participated in the context and warmly embraced our new service! It has been really difficult to choose between all of these great contestants, but only five institutions could be our beta testers.

In order to select fairly our beta testers, we decided to set two main criteria:

  1. metadata completeness and
  2. the geographical distribution.

Regarding the first one, we tried to select those collections that provide rich bibliographic information with high quality metadata. At the same time, we aimed at a variety of geographical coverage. Therefore, we have beta testers from different regions around the world! Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America.

But even with these criteria, it has been really difficult to have our final five selected organizations! For this reason, we decided that all of you that expressed an interest to our new service in this phase, you will be high in the list of our newest services coming in the near future.

And now, we proudly announce our five beta testers, with a link to their new service (still under progress!!).
- The Russian Journal of Agricultural and Socio-Economic Sciences, RJOAS (Russia)
- Plant Science Today (India)
- Journal of Bioenergy and Food Science (Brazil)
- International Journal of Food and Agricultural Economics (Turkey)
- OMICS International (United States)

With all 5 institutions we are in close collaboration in order to make our service ever better!
To all of you, we send our warm wishes.. and stay tuned for the next services that are coming up!!

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