Call for Input on GODAN's Open Data Challenge Programme

GODAN is launching an Open Data Challenge across its network and is looking for input from GODAN partners. The aims is make sure that the submissions for the challenge are aligned with GODAN priorities and approach, and do respond to specific, concrete needs (with concrete solutions).

Two tracks are being foreseen for the challenge:
1-      A policy track, where teams will be invited to produce a paper defining what is or are the most significant policy obstacles to generating, disseminating and using open data AND what are possible solutions (giving real/actual examples would be excellent in fact). It is foreseen that winners in this category would get a cash reward, guidance in finalizing their paper and possible support for publication.

2-      Alternatively, teams may choose the app track, using existing open data, possibly along with other sources, in order to develop apps that respond to needs that to their opinion are very important, but still largely unmet.  Winners in this category would get support in finalizing their app, marketing it too.

 Both category winners will be invited to present their achievement at the GODAN Summit this coming September.
In regard to these two tracks, GODAN would like to know from the GODAN partners within the next two weeks:
What are the 3 to 5 most important issues to be addressed on either/both tracks defined above, phrased as questions to be responded to by the contestants?
GODAN will select among the suggested questions and use this input to launch the challenge.

For more information, please contact Diana Szpotowicz <[email protected]>. 



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