CERN catalog data published as open data

Good news. The CERN library has published its data under a public domain = license and works on migrating it into linked data. Hopefully lots of = libraries (and at best OCLC with its forthcoming metadata policy) will = follow this example.





The CERN Library publishes its book catalog as Open Data =20


Librarians are in general very favourable to the principles of Open = Access, but surprisingly few libraries have so far set free the data they = produce themselves. As one of the first scientific libraries in the world, = the CERN Library offers now the bibliographic book records, held in its = library catalog, to be freely downloaded by any third party. The records = are provided under the Public Domain Data License, a license that permits = colleagues around the world to reuse and upgrade the data for any = purpose.=20 =20 Jens Vigen, Head of the CERN Library, says: "Books should only be = catalogued once. Currently the public purse pays for having the same book = catalogued over and over again. Librarians should act as they preach: data = sets created through public funding should be made freely available to = anyone interested. Open Access is natural for us, here at CERN we believe = in openness and reuse. There is a tremendous potential. By getting = academic libraries worldwide involved in this movement, it will lead to a = natural atmosphere of sharing and reusing bibliographic data in a rich = landscape of so-called mash-up services, where most of the actors who will = be involved, both among the users and the providers, will not even be = library users or librarians. Our action is made in the spirit of the = Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and = Humanities; bibliographic data belongs to the cultural heritage.All other = signatories should align their policy accordingly."=20 =20 The data of CERN Library will be used by the Open Library Project to = provide a webpage for every book and allow users to add content like table = of contents, classifications and summaries.=20 =20 For massive reuse of data, the data will be provided soon by an open = Z39.50, SRU and OAI interface via, a repository of open = bibliographic data.=20 =20 The whole dataset can be downloaded from =20 The press announcement is accompanied by a YouTube Video that can be found =



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