CGIAR Big Data for Agriculture Platform is launched !


On 15 May 2017, at the ICT4D Conference  (15-18 May, 2017) in Hyderabad, India - CGIAR Big Data for Agriculture was launched!  

Platform for Big Data in Agriculture is now fully operational HERE


Big Data and CGIAR

Data is much more than simply information: in expert hands, it is intelligence. The rapid growth in processing power and global connectivity means we can now quickly collect, share and analyze enormous amounts of data and turn it into recommendations that can be of use to farmers and policymakers.

Applying these ‘big data’ approaches to agriculture promises to find new ways to reduce hunger and poverty, and develop robust responses to challenges such as climate change, pest and disease outbreaks, and land degradation. It could help reduce some of the daily risks farmers in developing countries face, enabling them to thrive.

As the largest network of agricultural research organizations in the world, CGIAR is uniquely positioned to be a thought leader and global convener on the use of big data and information technology in agriculture.

The 15 CGIAR Research Centers and 12 Research Programs are partners in the Platform, alongside 70 external partners ranging international institutions, universities to private companies. They cover public to private, developing to developed country, and analytics to ICT deployment. JOIN NOW 

Where information becomes power: power to predict, prescribe, and produce more food, more sustainably

Co-led by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) in collaboration with partners from both CGIAR and beyond, the platform aims to positively disrupt agricultural research, helping to generate impactful big data innovations that can revolutionize farming in developing countries.

The CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture is global. It connects experts all over the world to tackle stubborn agricultural challenges across the developing world, from Africa and Asia to Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Platform will support and improve data generation, access, and management in CGIAR

The Platform embraces the power of big data analytics, supporting CGIAR as it becomes a leader in generating actionable data-driven insights for stakeholders. It builds capacity throughout CGIAR to generate and manage big data, assisting CGIAR and its partners’ efforts to comply with open access / open data principles to unlock important research and datasets. It empowers researchers to strengthen data analytical capacity, developing practical big data tools and services in a coordinated way, and it addresses critical gaps, both organizational and technical, expanding the horizon of CGIAR research.

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