FAIR data treatment and training with Dutch Techcenter For Life Sciences

(DTL is also a strong driver of the international FAIR Data initiative Data FAIRport)

Dutch Techcenter For Life Sciences (DTL) is a public-private partnership of more than 50 Dutch life science organisations. It enables professionals in the broad field of life sciences to jointly develop an interconnected research infrastructure. DTL’s main themes are accessible high-end technologies, FAIR data treatment, and expert training.



A key enabler to achieve international-grade data stewardship is for research data and information to be published in a ‘FAIR’ manner. Data should be: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. DTL actively promotes FAIR Data Stewardship of life science information within its partnership and in close collaboration with its international partners.

# An ecosystem to support FAIR data (slides, April, 2017)

# FAIR Data paper, published in the Nature Publishing Group journal Scientific Data. Several Dutch scientists and data experts involved in DTL are a co-author on this paper.

# Barend Mons was interviewed about Data Stewardship and FAIR data. Please see watch the interview here.

If you want to participate in the international FAIR Data publishing group, please go here.

This means that DTL:

  • Co-develops and fine-tunes on the international FAIR Data Principles
  • Drives development of technology and infrastructure for FAIR Data Stewardship, including acquisition of software for FAIR Data analytics
  • Involves (international) organisations that provide access to essential core legacy life science datasets and scientific literature
  • Assists groups to translate their datasets to a FAIR format
  • Actively engages with international initiatives that promote data sharing and citation, and assist in driving standard-setting.
  • Actively involves science funders in the Netherlands, European Commission, and globally to work towards adoption of FAIR Data standards.


The GO FAIR initiative is broader than the scope of DTL (Life Sciences) and this page will soon be part of a dedicated GO FAIR multidisciplinary web site.

1. On the documents page please open the docs and provide DTL with your feed back using the Comments Function in Word or Google Docs. Or just let DTL know you approve of them as they are so we can demonstrate consensus.

2. Then click through to the survey and fill out so DTL has adequate information on what is happening where.

DTL & Data FAIRport

A FAIRport is a technological platform that allows data owners to make their datasets available in a FAIR format and allow data users to formulate questions in the platform, receiving answers that combine relevant data from different but interoperable datasets.

DTL is in the process of implementing the first FAIRport for life science data.  In DTL's vision, the FAIRport  can also enable the creation of an ecosystem around the platform including, for instance, service providers offering applications on top of the FAIRport that aggregate value for the users.

# As the Dutch node in ELIXIR, DTL assembles Dutch and international groups involved in FAIR Data Stewardship. If you want to know more about how to get involved: contact Luiz Olavo Bonino, Expert group leader FAIR Data.


The DTL Course Directory (Course Overviewprovides a searchable overview of courses, trainings and workshops at the intersection of life sciences and high-end technologies.  The efforts are aligned with European (ELIXIR Training) and global (Goblet) training initiatives. Inspect DTL 2016 DTL Learning/ELIXIR-NL Training poster to learn more.

Topics and themes:

Training related to FAIR can take many forms. It can take on an helicopter view,  to raise awareness for the FAIR principles or it can target a very specific part of the data cycle in very much detail, and everything in between…

Life science projects are becoming more and more data-intensive, with both data volume and complexity increasing. Therefore, life scientists need to construct a proper data management plan (DMP) before they start a research project. Read more about

New Course Submissions

DTL can only build the Course Directory with your help, so please take a moment to publish your course(s) using the Course Submission Form. DTL welcomes information about courses that are organized upon request or when there is sufficient interest. For questions and suggestions mail to [email protected]


DTL is actively involved in several initiatives that aim to promote adequate data management planning, including:

  • National Coordination Point Research Data Management (LCRDM), whose mission is to prepare, facilitate and monitor the development and implementation of Research Data Management Policy for scientific research in the Netherlands, in close cooperation with the professional field, and to ensure the exchange of knowledge and experience on a national level so that the Netherlands can achieve an efficient and effective development and implementation of research data management;
  • The Data for Life Sciences programme of the Netherlands Federation of University Medical Centers (NFU) and their Handbook for Adequate Natural Data Stewardship (HANDS);
  • ELIXIR-Training activities in the field of data management planning;
  • Research Data Alliance (RDA), which was launched by the European Commission, the United States National Science Foundation and National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the Australian Government’s Department of Innovation with the goal of building the social and technical infrastructure to enable open sharing of data.

Research data management Tools 

Data management planning Tools 

Find out more about DTL activities HERE

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