Free, Easy-to-Use, Library Leadership Training Materials Introducing Strengthening Innovative Library Leaders (SILL)

The Mortenson Center for International Library Programs at the University of Illinois is excited to share the final version of Strengthening Innovative Library Leaders (SILL) - a leadership training program for public and community libraries around the world. 

This leadership curriculum - under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA  - is unique because it was co-developed*, and it is meant to be delivered to everyone in the library, from volunteers to senior staff.

Equally important is that this SILL training program is designed to be used by trainers with different levels of experience, and is translated into different languages.

To date over 500 librarians have been trained with SILL.

Training modules:

Module 1: Leadership Styles for Librarians

Module 3: Library Leaders with a Plan

Module 2: Library Leaders as Innovators

Module 4: Library Leaders as Communicators

Ready to begin planning a SILL training in your community? Check out Getting Started with SILL guide, which contains all of the information you’ll need to begin your preparations. Or, download all of the materials needed on the Training Materials page.

There are also provided short Training Videos to give trainers additional background information on the lectures and activities in each module.

Do you have questions or comments about the training? Connect with the SILL Team.

* This training was developed with support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and in partnership with library trainers in Namibia, Myanmar, Armenia, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Haiti, Tunisia, Bangladesh, and Cameroon (AfLIA).



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