A free open-source module for CKAN integration in DSpace

4Science has released a free open-source module for CKAN integration in DSpace. The DSpace-CKAN Integration Module allows users to directly preview the dataset content deposited in a CKAN instance from DSpace via a “curation task”.

It offers the possibility to access the services provided by the CKAN data management system without leaving their DSpace installation, making users' life easier and their activities more efficient. The module allows to link the publications with the datasets and better describe the context of realization of the dataset by creating detailed records on the equipment used, the related services, the projects concerned, etc. 

One of the main advantages of the Module is that it allows the management of dataset access via DSpace, without the need of getting into a CKAN instance. The CKAN datastore API is proxied by the DSpace-CRIS module, enhancing the access conditions set on the original DSpace bitstream (e.g.: the preview function is available under the same conditions of the uploaded bitstream: open access, embargo, etc.).

If structured data is uploaded or linked to CKAN as a .csv or Excel table, the DataStore loads it into a database, allowing CKAN to give a range of ways to view and process the data. Initially the data is displayed as a table. The user can sort the data on particular columns, filter or facet by values, or hide columns entirely. The data can also  be displayed on a graph, choosing the variables on the axes and comparing a number of variables by graphing them together on the same y-axis.

Besides, 4Science has been awarded by OpenAIRE to implement the Guidelines for Data Repositories in DSpace(-CRIS).

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