Stakeholder consultation on CGIAR Strategy and Results Framework

The CGIAR Funders Forum and Fund Council discussed a draft version of a new Strategy and Results Framework (SRF) for CGIAR in Brussels on November 4-5, 2014 and agreed on next steps to its completion, which will include a broad stakeholder consultation jointly organized by GFAR and the CGIAR Consortium (as part of GCARD3) that provides stakeholders and partners both inside and outside CGIAR with two opportunities to provide inputs and feedback, highlighted in these 2 steps:

Step 1: CGIAR SRF Stakeholder consultation: November through December 2014

Step 2: CGIAR Stakeholder consultation on final draft SRF

In this context, everyone is invited to provide feedback on the ongoing Step 1 activities, by commenting on the existing principles or using any of the means provided in the Consultation page of the CGIAR website (e.g. participation by completing a related survey).

The SRF aims to receive as much input and feedback on items such as CGIAR's vision & mission, its niche in science and agriculture research, the research strategy, priorities and partnership principles so make sure that you provide your feedback as well!

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