The State of Open Data - DigitalScience / FigShare Report 2017

To jump on global celebrations of the International Open Access week 2017, on 23 October 2017 FigShare released DigitalScience/Figshare landmark report entitled The State of Open Data 2017.  The report looks at global attitudes towards Open Data (#stateofopendata). 

Its key finding is that Open Data has become more embedded in the research community - 82% of survey respondents are aware of Open Data sets and more researchers are curating their data for data sharing. 

While last year DataScience/FigShare made its State Of Open Data 2016 data and report openly available, this year DataScience/FigShare wanted to go one step further and make the data interactive and easy to use,  to encourage more people to engage with the data and build upon the analysis and commentary carried out and compiled in the State Of Open Data 2017 report.

The work by Oxford University Interactive Data Network came to DataScience/FigShare's attention this year because they were using DataScience/FigShare's API to pull datasets from FigShare to create dynamic data visualisations using Shiny.

The platform takes raw datasets and presents them in a way that is easy to analyse and use the data without needing to download and use third party software to create charts. Take a look at Martin Hadley's public research data

The State of Open Data 2017 record includes

survey results of 2,300 respondents and a collection of articles from industry experts, as well as a foreword from Jean-Claude Burgelman, Head of Unit Open Data Policies and Science Cloud at the European Commission. 

The survey results of 2,300 respondents

Focus on Open Data through Report Contents :

Outputs Sharing: A Perspective from the Wellcome Trust : Robert Kiley & David Carr, Wellcome Trust

Open Data – Sooner or Later? Updated Findings from Surveys of Researchers : Jon Treadway & Briony Fane, Digital Science

2 Out of 3 ‘Aint Bad. When Will Open Research Education Make it Through to Those Generating the Research? Mark Hahnel, Figshare

What Open Data Means for an Institution – The University of Cape Town: Dale Peters, University of Cape Town

Collaboration and Concerted Action are Key to Making Open Data a Reality: Grace Baynes, Springer Nature

Key findings of the Report: 

Respondents have become more aware of open data sets (82% up from 73%) than in 2016

74% of researchers are curating their data for sharing

Willingness of researchers to reuse open data sets in their own research has grown, a 10% increase to 80%, with the increase replicated across age groups

Researchers who routinely share their data has also grown since 2016, although by a smaller amount, from 57% to 60%

There is further promise for the future of open data, as 70% of these researchers are now willing to reuse open data sets in their own research (up from 65%)

The awareness of open data in Asia has increased by 15%, compared to 9% globally, and sharing open datasets has increased by 10%, compared to 3% globally

"The report continues to highlight the need for funders and institutions to keep educating their academics. This is a hugely encouraging report for continuing to drive societal good in a way that aligns with technological advances helping us move academia further, faster”, - Mark Hahnel, CEO and Founder, Figshare.

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