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The South has a vast repository of knowledge Despite this vast knowledge base and wealth of talent, Southern knowledge producers face difficulties in getting their work seen by decision makers and potential collaborators”, - INASP : Practising Development :

To address these challenges, in 1992, INASP - an international development organization - was founded. 

While working with a global network of partners in Africa, Latin America and Asia, INASP supports individuals and institutions to produce, share and use research and knowledge, which can transform lives. To that end,

focuses on and promotes the following KEY ACTIVITIES (aspects and resources):


Sharing Learning and Best practice ...


Improving Quality of Research Publications and Communication ...

... by supporting Journals Online (JOLs) projects

... by fostering the AuthorAID project

         - Take a look at AuthorAID training of trainers TOOLKIT
         - Browse in AuthorAID Repository

... by populating resources on related Training Courses (see e.g., Research writing TOOLKIT)


Strengthening Research and Knowledge Systems Programme ...

... by supporting Gender in Research & Knowledge Systems

       - Take a look at Gender TOOLKIT


Supporting Evidence Informed Policy making ...

VakaYiko consortium (2013-2017) was the main project of the programme that supported research uptake in Ghana, South Africa and Zimbabwe

      - Take a look at VakaYiko Evidence-Informed Policy Making TOOLKIT

More about Evidence-Informed Policy Making Services


Availability and Access to Research Publications ...

... by providing a cost-effective and secure platform for online journals - the JOLs that use the Open Journals System - a system for groups of journals to publish on community websites. There are currently 379 journals across the JOLs, with over 44,700 articles of which 96% are open access full text.

... by updating a list of links to Open Access resources

... by negotiating with Publishers

... by working with universities, research organisations and their associated Library Consortia

... by maintaining Publishers for Development Forum for information and discussion


Building demand for Research Information...

... by working with researchers, governments and policy makers, journalists and media organizations, non-governmental organisations, citizen and advocacy groups.

AuthorAID network : Building Research Writing Skills in the Global South

In 2007, INASP launched AuthorAID - a free, pioneering, global network that provides support, virtual mentoring, resources and training for researchers (in low and middle income countries) to develop capacity in research communications.

JOIN AuthorAID mentoring system and help increase the reach and impact of developing-country research

free research-writing AuthorAID MOOC delivers contents (in English and Spanish) several times annually.

Since their inception in 2015, INASP’s AuthorAID MOOC online research writing courses have attracted several thousand participants and benefitted from a worldwide network of dedicated volunteer Facilitators drawn from AuthorAID’s pool of mentors and institutional partners.  

ENROLL in one of the twice-yearly AuthorAID research-writing MOOCs

Strategy 2016 – 2020 : Research and Knowledge at the heart of development

Built on four main INASP’s core pillars, such as:

1)     Capacity-Builder (strengthing the skills and knowledge of academic researchers to produce quality research)

2)     Thought Leader (sharing and communicating research and knowledge)

3)     Broker, Facilitator (using research and knowledge for national development)

4)     Convener, Influencer, Promoter of Partnerships (working with local partners and holding relationships with a wide range of stakeholders), - 

the INASP's Strategy aims to stimulate others to join INASP in achieving its vision of research and knowledge (also through strengthening the links within national research systems), - that are at the heart of development, closely aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out ambitious targets to tackle global issues.

This INASP Strategy builds on findings from an in-depth survey conducted in May 2015 of 39 stakeholders, selected by INASP, drawn from 22 countries, representing organizations in different parts of the research and development system. 

Journal Publishing Practices and Standards (JPPS)

JPPS - launched by INASP and African Journals Online in 2017 - represents a detailed and internationally accepted assessment criteria (in English, Spanish, French) for the quality of publishing practices and policies of Southern journals.

is keen to talk to people and organizations who share its vision for a world where development is enabled by research and knowledge: 

"Let's work together to bring Southern knowledge to bear on local and global challenges"
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“Harnessing global talent and knowledge is crucial to tackling global problems”
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