Web API, Open Data and Interoperability: Joint session GODAN - agGateway- APAN Agricultural data Group

The GODAN secretariat, together with the agGateway initiative and the Agricultural Data Group of APAN hold (March 28, 2018, Singapore) a joint session on "Web API, Open Data and Interoperability". 

agGateway is an initiative of the AgroIndustry to achieve interoperability. Jim Wilson - CEO of the agGateway global network - opened the session and explained the semantic problems in making equipment speak to each other.

Several other speakers described the problem of data interoperability in there area of work. Johannes Keizer from the GODAN secretariat introduced the GO FAIR movement and introduced the Agrisemantics initiative in this context. He pointed out the necessity to bridge, between research and field data. 

All partners decided to intensify the collaboration.

More information about this workshop.

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