Research Data Alliance and global Data and Computing e-Infrastructure challenges

e-Infrastructures support the Horizon 2020 vision and reinforce the strategic relevance of European investment in world-class Research Infrastructures (RI) in a context of Innovation and Open Digital Science. The success of Europe’s €77 billion science programme – Horizon2020, running from 2014 – 2020 hangs not only on the quality of the research and the depth of collaboration, but also in curating and managing the outputs, to make them widely available and support the creation of knowledge from data. Since most R&D funding occurs at Member State level, this is obviously a topic of broader significance. The event will focus on how synergies between e-Infrastructures and the development of the ambitious European Research Infrastructures roadmap (ESFRI) and other major initiatives with high potential impact on research and innovation can be strengthened. This implies good coordination in Europe and a special emphasis on the importance of long term sustainable support to basic services for research and education communities as well as the consolidation of global cooperation on Research Data and Computing infrastructures in the above contexts.