AIMS Newsletter no. 22, September 2013

New version of OpenAGRIS released: Expanding the AGRIS knowledge

The AGRIS team released OpenAGRIS 0.9, a new version of the Web application that aggregates information from different Web sources − following Linked Open Data principles − to expand the AGRIS knowledge. Its aim is to provide as much data as possible about a topic or a bibliographical resource within the agricultural domain.

OpenAGRIS 0.9 contains new functionalities and received a new interface in English and Spanish, with French, Arabic, Chinese and Russian translations on their way. Newly added resources include: LodLive, a LOD browser; Biodiversity International, a research-for-development organization; and Europeana, a meta-aggregator and display space for European digitised works.


  • AgriOcean DSpace updates available for your installation. More info
  • AgriVIVO joined by CABI with USDA and IICA on their way. More info
  • Webinar: Implementing Linked Data in Developing Countries and Low-Resource Conditions. More info
  • DC & iPRES 2013: Metadata and Preservation Experts Meet (Day 1). More info
  • Presentation highlights (Day 2 & 3) DC 2013 and iPRES 2013. More info
  • Follow the webcasting of the Research Data Alliance Second Plenary. More info

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What is Web Ontology Language (OWL)? To provide a language that can be used to describe the classes and relations between them that are inherent in Web documents and applications. (W3C)
More information:

5 Questions in 5 Minutes with Michael Marus

Who are the users of AIMS and what do they think about agricultural information management standards? This month we interviewed Michael Marus, ICT Manager at the CGIAR Consortium in Montpellier, France.

Read the interview "CIARD has been [...] promoting and providing the tools for breaking down the barriers which many times keep scientific knowledge out of the hands of all" with Michael Marus on the AIMS Interviews section.

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