Increasing Openness and Reproducibility in Agricultural Research

There are many actions researchers can take to increase the openness and reproducibility of their work. The Center for Open Science has a mission to increase the transparency, reproducibility, and inclusivity of scientific research by offering free tools and services to researchers. Please join us for a webinar, conducted by COS, to learn easy, practical steps researchers can take to increase the reproducibility of their work.

This webinar will also introduce the Open Science Framework (OSF), a free, open source web application built to help researchers manage their workflows. The OSF is part collaboration tool, part version control software, and part data archive. The OSF connects to popular tools researchers already use, like Dropbox, Box, Github and Mendeley, to streamline workflows and increase efficiency.

This introductory webinar is aimed at faculty, staff, and students involved in agricultural research. Participants will gain a foundation for incorporating reproducible, transparent practices into their current workflows.

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