The agINFRA Science Gateway is online

The agINFRA Science Gateway, developed by the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics in the context of the EU funded agINFRA project, has been released online at and has been registered as an official Service Provider for both the Chinese CARSI and the Spanish SIR Identity Federations. Chinese and Spanish researchers belonging to CARSI and SIR can access the Science Gateway with the same credentials they already have. It is enough to select "CARSI (China)" or "SIR (Spain)" in the "Identity Federations" menu which appears in registration page (click "Register" on the top right corner of the gateway home page). In the next days, the agINFRA Science Gateway will also be registered in the Italian Federation IDEM as well as in the eduGAIN inter-federation. Those who do not yet belong to any Identity Federations can also use the Science Gateway upon registration in the GrIDP “catch-all” federation. To be registered in GrIDP, leave “none” in the "Identity Federations" menu which appears in the registration page.

The WebGIS and Cloud Computing enabled Italian Soil Information System (ISIS) service, developed by the Agrobiology and Pedology Research Centre of the Italian Agricultural Research Council, in collaboration with GIS3W, is the first application available through the agINFRA Science Gateway for online Italian soil data consultation (click on Applications -> WebGIS -> ISIS). ISIS is made up of a hierarchy of geo-databases which include soil regions and aim at correlating the soils of Italy with those of other European countries with respect to soil typological units (STUs), at national level, and soil sub-systems, at regional level. A reduced set of ISIS services are freely accessible at this link. The full set of services, including the possibility to query the geo-databases to get information on the sites stored therein, can be accessed at this link but requires user authentication and authorisation. If you do not yet have an account on the agINFRA Science Gateway, find here the instructions about how to register and sign in.

Everybody interested in proposing new applications to be included in the agINFRA Science Gateway is welcome to fill this survey.

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