British Broadcasting Corporation launches an Ontology page

The Britishi Braodcasting Corporation (BBC) has launced a new page detailing their internal data models. The page provides access to the ontologies the BBC is using to support its audience facing applications such as BBC Sport, BBC Education, BBC Music, News projects and more. These ontologies form the basis of their Linked Data Platform. The listed ontologies include the following;

  • The BBC Ontology - The BBC ontology is used to describe BBC concepts in the store.
  • The CMS Ontology - An ontology to represent the content management systems and their interaction with the triplestore
  • Core Concepts Ontology -The generic BBC ontology for people, places,events, organisations, themes which represent things that make sense across the BBC.
  • Creative Work Ontology -This is the model we use to express the minimum metadata necessary to express a piece of creative content in the platform.
  • Curriculum Ontology -This ontology aims to provide data model and vocabularies for describing the national curricula within the UK.
  • Food Ontology -A simple vocabulary for describing recipes, ingredients, menus and diets.
  • Politics Ontology -An ontology which describes a model for politics, specifically in terms of local government and elections.
  • Programmes Ontology-BBC Programmes aims to ensure that every programme brand, series and episode broadcast by the BBC has a permanent, findable web presence.
  • Provenance Ontology -The provenance ontology supports data management and auditing tasks.
  • Sport Ontology -The Sport Ontology is a simple lightweight ontology for publishing data about competitive sports events.
  • Storyline Ontology -An ontology to represent News Storylines.
  • Wildlife Ontology -A simple vocabulary for describing biological species and related taxa.

One can access also the mappings of the terms defined in the above ontologies to other, well known open vocabularies.

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