FAO e-book collection for tablets and e-readers

"FAO is committed to broad and unrestricted access to information, and all publications are made freely available in a growing variety of formats and media" (About FAO Publications). This is done through the FAO Document Repository, FAO’s official online repository, but now also a selection of bestselling titles is available as e-books for tablets and e-readers in the FAO e-book collection.

The titles are available for free download (during a pilot phase) in formats compatible with major e-readers and tablets (iPad, Kindle, Nook or Sony Reader). In the third quarter of the year, all FAO e-books will be accessible from selected e-stores.

How do you download FAO e-books?

FAO e-books can be read on all major portable digital devices and cannot be opened on a computer screen. Simply click on the icon showing the name of your device, and downloading will start automatically. Please note that in order for the download to start, your tablet or smartphone should be equipped with an e-reading application. If your e-reader has no browsing capability you must download the e-book to your computer and then transfer it to your portable device using a USB cable. For iPad users, the file is stored in iBooks;  for Kindle users, the file can be accessed from Notifications and retrieved later from Web-Menu-Downloads. (Source: About FAO Publishing FAQ)

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